A8体育集团:Apple: go slow on that tutti-fruiti thing! The first survey data is in and Apple fans may not be thinking as differently as the company expected. The Polar polls on the topic of “ iPhone colors” has brought into question Apple’s colorful approach to the new iPhone launches.苹果请注意:再行别急着发售缤纷水果色的东东吧!第一份涉及调查数据早已揭晓,果粉有可能并未如苹果公司预期的那样口味各异。Polar公司对“iPhone色彩”这一话题展开的民意测验指出,苹果在新版iPhone的公布中采行的多色彩策略否奏效,仅存疑惑。

As of last night, Luke Wroblewski from Polar told me that they had, “ collected 6, 811 opinions from about 1, 100 unique voters.” Based on the current results, it appears that among the bright colors for the iPhone 5C, the order of preference is cyan, lime, banana and melon. But in polls between the bright colors and white, white wins by a 3-to-1 margin. Similarly, for the more sophisticated 5S palette, black is the clear winner over silver, but both black and silver win by almost a 4-to-1 margin over champagne/gold.前天晚上,Polar公司的卢克罗博乌斯恩(Luke Wroblewski)告诉他我,他们“搜集了大约1,100位独立国家投票者递交的6,811个回应。”基于当前得出结论的结果,看上去对于iPhone 5C所使用的艳丽色彩来说,人们的偏爱依序是宝石蓝、青柠蓝、香蕉黄和西瓜白。但民意测验还表明,在艳丽色彩和白色中,白色以3:1的比例落败。某种程度,对于更加精美的5S配色,黑色显著比银色更加热门,但黑色和银色双双以大约4:1的比例比不上香槟色/金色。

My current tallies for the 5C show Lime 497 vs Cyan 772; Banana 640 vs Melon 544; White 836 vs Cyan 308; and White 250 vs Banana 87. For the 5S I show Black 951 vs Champagne 253; Black 681 vs Silver 531 ; and Silver 913 vs Gold 257.我当前获得的各种颜色5C的得票数为:青柠绿497;宝石蓝772;香蕉黄640;西瓜红544;白色836,宝石蓝308。而对5S,我获得的数据是黑色951:香槟色253;黑色681:银色531;银色913:金色257。What’s going on here? It is possible that the sample size is not large enough to be significant or skewed in some way. More likely though is that the data reveals the essential conformity among iPhone users. Most of us don’t want to stand out. This is where Apple’s marketing around the color choices will be interesting.这是怎么了?有可能样本量过于大,因而得出结论的结论不具备统计学意义,或者说在或许上是有偏颇的。



这就是苹果环绕色彩自由选择所采行的市场营销策略中,甚让人感兴趣的地方。It is possible that once the colors get out there in the wild that people will be more comfortable with the new choices. One would imagine younger people being more attracted to the bright colors and the fashionable to the gold. Hopefully Apple’s quantity ordA8体育官网入口ers are in line with consumers’ initial preferences and will expand with their interest.一旦这些缤纷色彩出有街,人们对这些新的自由选择不会更为适应环境,这也是有可能的。我们猜测较为年长的用户不会更加爱人艳丽的色彩,而时尚一族不会自由选择金色。


不过幸而苹果的订单量不会与消费者最初的偏爱保持一致,随着他们感兴趣程度的下降再行不断扩大投放市场的数量。There are many ideas about where the ne bright palette come from. I suggested Kandinsky and the early abstractionists yesterday, others have pointed to the Windows Phone. Wroblewski, father of a small child, has found a unique reference point: the Hungry Hungry Hippos game! So far though Polar voters find this connection more likely a “coincidence” than a specific “design intent.”对于这些明艳配色的启发源自何处,人们具有很多观点。我指出源于康定斯基(Kandinsky)和早期的抽象派艺术家,其他人则认为是Windows Phone。

有数一个小孩的罗博乌斯基则寻找了一个十分尤其的参考点:《饥饿的河马》(Hungry Hungry Hippos)游戏!而眼下来说,Polar民意测验的投票者指出这种联系更加有可能是一种“凑巧”,而非无意的“设计意图”。【A8体育集团】。