A8体育集团:Amazon will begin testing aerial drones in UK suburbs and rural areas through a partnership with the UK government, the first time the ecommerce company has won permission to operate its vehicles under such flexible conditions.亚马逊(Amazon)将通过与英国政府合作,开始在英国郊区和农村地区测试无人机车主,这是这家电商企业首次取得批准后,可以在如此灵活性的条件下操作者无人机。Amazon’s drone programme, known as Prime Air, has been working since 2013 on developing aerial vehicles that can deliver packages directly to customers’ houses. However, the programme has encountered red tape and shifting airspace rules, particularly in the US, and has not launched commercially in any country.亚马逊的无人机计划取名为“Prime Air”,在2013年启动,致力于研发需要必要将包覆租车到客户家中的空中交通工具。

然而,该计划遭遇了繁复的申请以及空域规定的大大变化,特别是在是在美国,目前为止还没在任何国家投放商业化运营。The tests in the UK mark a breakthrough for Amazon as it is allowed to fly drones outside pilots’ line of sight, a key step in testing the vehicles’ sensors. Amazon pilots will also be able to fly multiple drones at one time.英国的测试标志着亚马逊的一项突破,亚马逊无人机被容许在操作员视线范围以外飞行中,这是测试无人机传感器的关键步骤。


亚马逊的无人机操作员还可以同时操作者多架无人机。The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority said it would be involved in the work, and that the tests would helA8体育p it to craft its future policies.英国民航局(Civil Aviation Authority)回应,将参予测试,而这些测试将有助其制订未来政策。The UK’s current rules forbid drones to be flown outside a pilot’s line of sight, but those rules could be evolving.英国目前的规定禁令无人机在操作员视线范围外飞行中,但这些规定有可能在演进。

“These tests by Amazon help inform our policy and future approach,” said Tim Johnson, CAA policy director. “We want to enable the innovation that arises from the development of drone technology.”“亚马逊的这些测试将有助为我们的政策和未来方针获取依据,”英国民航局政策总监蒂姆约翰逊(Tim Johnson)回应,“我们期望为无人机技术引起的创意创造条件。”Drones have become contentious in some countries because of concerns over privacy — many high-end drones have cameras — and over security if they were used to deliver drugs or guns.在一些国家,由于对隐私(很多高级无人机配有摄像头)以及安全性(无人机有可能被用来租车毒品或枪支)的忧虑,无人机仍然倍受争议。A key focus of Amazon’s research has been the “sense and avoid” technology that allows its drones to perceive obstacles. The drones are typically designed to fly at less than 400 feet and carry packages that weigh less than five pounds.亚马逊研究的一个关键重点是让无人机辨识障碍物的“感官与回避”技术。