A8体育集团:谷歌新移动支付刷脸即可 手机都不用掏


A8体育集团_Google is rolling out its Hands Free payments feature in select restaurants in Californias Bay Area which will let people who have the app strut into an eatery, order, and check out simply by saying Ill pay with Google.近日,谷歌公司正在加州湾区指定的几家餐馆发售了其Hands Free缴纳功能,该功能可以让加装了此缴纳应用于的消费者昂首阔步地走出一家餐馆,点餐,只需说一句我要用谷歌来缴纳才可结账。Cashiers then ask for your initials and double-check that the picture uploaded to the Hands Free app actually looks like you. In some stores, the company is also testing just letting you use your face for verification, through an in-store camera that would snap a quick photo.接下来收银员不会告知消费者的姓名首字母,并展开复查比对,证实上载至Hands Free应用于中的图片的确是消费者本人。在一些商店,谷歌公司还展开了一些测试,只需消费者通过店内的摄像头刷脸才可展开证书,这些摄像头可以展开较慢照片。


Hands Free uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and location data, and this isnt the first time weve heard about it: Google previewed the concept way back in May 2015, though this is the first time its loose in the wild on a larger scale.Hands Free应用于主要用于蓝牙、Wi-Fi和方位数据。不过,这并不是业界首次听闻Hands Free。


事实上,早在2015年5月,谷歌就预演了这个功能,但这次是谷歌首次大规模的发售此功能。Google isnt the first one to try going down this path, either. Square tried hands free payments way back in 2011, but ended up shutting down the app that offered it. PayPal has a hands-free option too.另外,谷歌也并非第一家尝试这种缴纳功能的公司。事实上,Square早在2011年就开始尝试这样的无勿手动的缴纳方式,但最后又暂停了类似于功能的应用于。此外,PayPal也曾尝试过类似于的缴纳功能。

Googles had a long, complicated history with payments. It launched a near-field communications payments product called Google Wallet back in 2011, but ended up replacing that system with Android Pay late last year, and pivoting Wallet to a peer-to-peer money sending app (like Venmo).在研发缴纳功能方面,谷歌具有较长的简单历史。2011年,谷歌曾发售取名为“谷歌钱包”的近场通讯缴纳产品,但最后又在去年底,谷歌用Android Pay代替了谷歌钱包系统,并将谷歌钱包转化成为一个类似于Venmo的端对端的账户应用于。Even though technically Google was early on payments, its missteps, clunky roll-out, and late relaunch position it, at least recognition-wise, a few steps behind Apple, which has a tap-n-go payments system called Apple Pay.尽管从技术上来讲,谷歌在缴纳领域仍进展较快。谷歌最初是短促地发售这项产品,之后又新的发售这一产品,这种进展最少要比苹果快一些。


相比较而言,苹果则及时地发售了自己缴纳系统,取名为“Apple Pay”。Although Hands Free doesnt require that users have Android Pay — the app works for iOS, too — Googles likely hoping that this seamless experience will help the service take off and spread to more retailers.Hands Free不必须消费者享有Android Pay,其功能独立国家于Android Pay之外,但是,谷歌有可能期望这种无缝体验将协助此服务出师大捷,并需要推展到更加到多的零售商。