【A8体育官网入口】The director of Ringing Bells, the Indian firm which claimed to be selling the worlds cheapest smartphone, has been arrested on allegations of fraud.堪称贩卖全球最低廉手机的印度手机制造商响铃公司的负责人因欺诈罪于日前逮捕。Mohit Goel was held after one of the phones distributors claimed it had not received handsets it had paid for.在一家分销商公司声称并未接到已缴付的手机后,什希特·戈埃尔遭了被捕。The Freedom 251 phone, priced at 251 rupees ($3.70), went on pre-sale in February 2016.这款“权利251”手机,定价251卢比(约合3.7美元),于2016年2月预售。

But while many customers got their phones, Ringing Bells is accused of not fulfilling all of its orders.不过,在许多顾客接到了手机后,响铃公司却被指控没能如数发货。The distribution company, Ayam Enterprises, said it paid 3m rupees ($45,000) after Mr Goel persuaded it to distribute the phone. But only 1.4m-worth of devices were delivered.经销商亚扬公司回应,在戈埃尔说服其经销这款手机后,该公司采购了价值3百万卢比(约合4.5万美元)的货。但是最后仅有接到了140万卢比的货。Police spokesman Rahul Srivastava confirmed the arrest to the BBC. A number of similar complaints have been filed against him from other parts of the state. We want to investigate these claims thoroughly, he said.警方发言人拉胡尔·斯里瓦斯塔瓦向BBC证实已被捕了莫希特·戈埃尔。



他说道:“在其他地方也经常出现了许多类似于的指控。我们期望能彻查此案。”Its important for us to expose these scams because innocent people end up losing their hard-earned money. We are seeing an increasing number of technology-related frauds. I appeal to people to be sure before investing money into such schemes.“我们识破这些诈骗的把戏是十分最重要的,无辜的人们就会再行拿着他们的血汗钱上当受骗。