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A8体育官网地址-The ocumetics bionic lens by Canada加拿大发明者仿生镜片Ocumetics Technology Corp in Canada has invented corrective bionic lenses allowing people to see three times better than twenty-twenty vision.加拿大Ocumetics科技公司日前研发出有了一种矫正视力的仿生镜片,配戴后使用者的视力比起长时间视力好出有两倍。The Bionic Lens is implanted in eyes in just eight minutes and its a non-invasive procedure. In order for people to get this cutting-edge bionic lens, they have to be 25 years old, the age when the eyes are fully formed.研究人员回应,整个加装过程只要8分钟,而且所谓侵略性加装,但仅限于年龄25岁及以上的成年人用于,因为多达这个年纪的人眼睛结构才是几乎成熟期的。It is anticipated that the bionic lens will be available by 2017.预计这种高科技仿生镜片将于2017年问世。