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China is set to deepen its investment in global sports and entertainment with the acquisition of a majority stake in MP Silva in a deal valuing the Italian-owned media rights agency at just over $1bn.随着并购意大利人所有的媒体转播权代理机构MP Silva的多数股份,中国将不断扩大对全球体育和娱乐业的投资。这宗交易对MP Silva的估值略高于10亿美元。China Everbright, a financial services company, and Beijing Baofeng Technology, a listed online video group, will acquire a stake of more than 60 per cent in MP Silva, according to two people involved in the process. A deal is expected to be announced within in the next 48 hours, although the timing could slip.据两名参予涉及流程的人士称之为,金融服务性企业中国光大(China Everbright)和上市在线视频集团北京暴风科技(Beijing Baofeng Technology)将并购MP Silva逾60%的股份。这宗交易预计不会在48小时内发布,尽管明确的发布时间可能会有进出。

China Everbright is a large state conglomerate that, like many of its peers, is seeking to diversity abroad as its domestic banking arm contends with ever slower economic growth at home.光大是一家大型国有集团。与许多同类企业类似于,在光大的国内银行部门艰苦应付国内经济快速增长上升之际,该集团也在谋求到海外构建多元化发展。Baofeng was one of China’s hottest stocks before the country’s markets crashed last year, with its share price rising 3,300 per cent in the three months to June 2015.在中国股市去年暴跌之前,暴风科技曾是中国最热门的股票之一,其股价在截至2015年6月的三个月中下跌了33倍。MP Silva was established about a decade ago and makes 80 per cent of its money from selling football rights, but also sells the French Open in Europe and Formula One in the Middle East.MP Silva正式成立于约十年前,该公司赚到的钱有80%来自于出售足球比赛的转播权,不过该公司还在欧洲出售法国网球公开赛(French Open)的转播权,在中东出售一级方程式赛车(Formula One)的转播权。


The company had revenues of around $600m in 2014-15, and earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation of just under $60m.2014-15财年,该公司营收大约6亿美元,息税保险费及摊销前利润(Ebitda)略低于6000万美元。MP Silva declined to comment. Everbright and Baofeng could not immediately be reached for comment.MP Silva拒绝接受置评。记者没能立刻联系上光大和暴风科技请求其置评。