A8体育官网入口|General Electric of the US and Siemens of Germany yesterday launched charm offensives to win France’s socialist government over to their competing bids for engineering group and “industrial jewel” Alstom, each arguing that its offer best served the national interest.正在竞购阿尔斯通(Alstom)的美国的通用电气(GE)以及德国的西门子(Siemens)昨日进行魅力攻势,各自企图夺得法国社会党政府的反对。通用电气和西门子都认为,自己的并购建议最合乎法国的国家利益。工程集团阿尔斯通被誉为法国的“工业明珠”。

Jeff Immelt, chief executive of GE, and Joe Kaeser, his Siemens counterpart, met president Franois Hollande at the Elysée Palace after Paris threatened to block any deal it considered unsuitable.通用电气首席执行官杰夫伊梅尔特(Jeff Immelt)和西门子首席执行官乔克泽尔(Joe Kaeser)在爱丽舍宫(Elysée Palace)与法国总统弗朗索瓦奥朗德(Franois Hollande)举办了会面。此前法国政府威胁称之为,将阻扰任何在其显然“不适合”的交易。The GE approach sparked national debate last week over France’s declining industrial power and spurred politicians to seek alternatives, though the state no longer has a stake in Alstom.通用电气的并购建议上周在法国全国上下引起了有关法国工业实力上升的争辩,并促成法国政界谋求其他方案,尽管法国政府目前已仍然持有人阿尔斯通的股权。Industry minister Arnaud Montebourg appeared to favour Siemens yesterday evening. He said its proposal to swap rail for power assets would create “two European and global champions”. This deal would be easier to sell politically than the proposed US offer and Berlin weighed in to it. But the GE deal is widely seen to make more industrial sense and could result in fewer job losses.法国工业部长阿诺蒙特布尔格(Arnaud Montebourg)昨日晚间展现出得更加偏向于西门子。


但通用电气的并购契约被普遍认为极具产业合理性,并能增加工作岗位损失。The Alstom board favours GE, said people close to the talks, but is considering its options. There was speculation that Paris could still bring in a French bidder. Siemens’ board is set to meet and a bid could come as early as today.据理解谈判情况的人士称之为,阿尔斯通董事会偏向于通用电气,但也在考虑到其他自由选择。有传言称之为,法国政府有可能还不会引进一个法国竞购方。西门子董事会将举办会议,并购契约最先将于今天收到。