Russian hackers are using Twitter as an ultra-stealthy way of concealing their intrusions into sensitive Western government computer systems — a new surveillance technique that blends cutting edge digital engineering with old-fashioned spy tradecraft.俄罗斯黑客于是以把Twitter用于一种超级不为人知的方式,隐蔽其侵略西方政府脆弱电脑系统的不道德,这种新的监控技术将先进设备的数字工程技术与老式的谍报技术融合在一起。


Amazon will begin testing aerial drones in UK suburbs and rural areas through a partnership with the UK government, the first time the ecommerce company has won permission to operate its vehicles under such flexible conditions.亚马逊(Amazon)将通过与英国政府合作,开始在英国郊区和农村地区测试无人机车主,这是这家电商企业首次取得批准后,可以在如此灵活性的条件下操作者无人机。


Described as “the most sophisticated ring in the world”, the Touch HB Ring is a smart wedding band that lets you feel the rhythm of your partner’s heartbeat in real time.由Touch公司所研发的[HB Ring]情侣对戒,据信是“世界上制作最精美的戒指”,是一款可随时随地感觉另一半跳动的智能戒指。